Prime Calcium

Prime Calcium is synonymous with Healthy Bones

Prime Calcium: Absorption of Calcium gets reduced as we get aged. It decreases even more by larger percentage from childhood to aging. To maintain proper healthy bone structure, teeth and its functions, absorption of calcium is very important. This target is achieved well by our Prime Calcium.

Ingredients: Calcium Citrate Malate, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc,Vitamin D3
Calcium Citrate Malate - Is a water soluble supplement. It is a calcium salt of citric acid and Malic acid with variable composition. It is shown to facilitate calcium retention and bone accural in children and adolescents. It effectively promotes the consolidates and maintenance of bone mass along Vitamin D3 thereby decreases the risk of fractures in elderly people.

 Folic Acid: Is found to reduce the harmful effects of the medicine called methotrexate, reduces the risk of the neural tube birth defects. Also found beneficial in age related vision loss and skin discoloration called vitiligo, commonly known as leucoderma.

Magnesium: Is a vital mineral where every organ in the body, especially the heart, muscles and kidneys needs it.. It is found beneficial in conditions like constipation, heart burn, pregnancy induced hypertension, certain cases of asthma besides strengthening the weak bones. Also prevents hearing loss, relieves cluster headaches.

Zinc: Is a vital mineral found beneficial in conditions like age related vision loss, anaemia, anorexia that is loss of appetite, muscle cramps, ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). It is a boon to men with ED (Erectyle Dysfunction) and infertility.

Vitamin D3: Is very effective for treating osteoporosis, psoriasis, rickets and premature tooth loss.