Prime Barley : A major cereal grain rich in Vitamins B1,B2, B6 , B12, Minerals, Folic acid , antioxidants, Beta carotene, calcium, Iron, Vitamin C and abundant chlorophyll .

Ingredients: Barley grass, Silymarine, Kalmegh

Barley grass : uggested benefits include prevention of cancer, treatment of HIV infection, lowering blood cholesterol, protection against the solar energy and other forms of radiation. Boosts energy and improves immunity, reduces body puffiness, oedema and found beneficial in combating obesity.

Silymarine : is a flavonoid complex derived from the milk thistle plant, antioxidant and liver protector. Found in liver cells, essential in conditions like jaundice and gall bladder stones. Excellent liver and spleen cleanser. Helps in regeneration of liver cells, decongest the liver, complements the treatment of viral Hepatitis, Protects the liver against the hepatotoxic drugs.

Kalmeg : is a small plant found beneficial in conditions like allergies, skin diseases, blood purification, lowering the high blood pressure and sugar level. It is an excellent liver tonic.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it is ideally used in conditions like arthritis and gout.

It is considered as an antipyretic and a natural antibiotic.

Recommended intake: 1-2 caps per day, before food with little warm water or as advised by the physician

Not recommended for women who are pregnant and lactating mothers

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